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Creating exceptional experiences

Let’s talk experience. We know how much it matters. At Harbor Industries, we create exceptional experiences for consumers… and for you. Through custom displays that capture attention and imaginations, and in-store spaces that stimulate and inspire, we bring your brand to life.

We look at experience in different ways.

First, it’s an encounter, an interaction. We’re in the business of designing and developing brand interactions that engage and motivate consumers. And we’re focused on making sure that your experience working with us is a seamless, smart and satisfying process for you.

It’s also knowledge, expertise, wisdom. With more than 63 years as a family-owned business under our belts, we have all that too. We build on our strong foundation using innovative, savvy, sustainable practices to develop versatile solutions for clients around the world. 

Our responsibility

Focusing on sustainable solutions.

We know there’s a certain chic to talking about sustainability—but that’s not why we do it. At Harbor Industries, we’re committed to benefiting people, the planet and profitability because it’s the right thing to do. And because it makes (good) sense now and in the long run. 


It starts with how we treat others. We strive to be a great place to work and to always do our best to take care of our team. And we give regularly of our time, resources and selves to help make our community stronger. We’ve organized food and blood drives and solicited toys for children, and we’re also involved in connecting community volunteers—including our own team members—with people in need.


We’re working to minimize the resources we use by constantly streamlining and improving the ways we design, develop and produce retail displays, fixtures and digital media solutions. We’re incorporating more environmentally friendly materials into the design of our products and adopting more sustainable practices. And our Green Team is on a mission to educate people working for and with our company on ways we can all have a positive impact on the environment. 


At Harbor Industries, we integrate environmentally and socially sustainable practices and processes into our business because we believe in doing what’s right. But we also know that we need to be economically sustainable—so that we can continue to benefit our clients, employees, suppliers and communities well into the future. We design our high-quality retail displays and spaces to be versatile, durable and adaptable—they often can be easily repurposed or recycled—to save our clients time, money and energy. And in our own operations, our knowledge and application of sustainability practices help us benefit the planet and save on the cost of doing business—which we then pass on to our clients.

Read our 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility report to learn more about our sustainable journey.

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